• School Contributions and Charges

    Your support of the school plays a major part in our ability to provide additional resources that extend our school's capacity to broaden the learning experience for your child. Your payment of the contributions and charges will assist in not only supplementing school expenditure but also in achieving the school vision to "Grow Together".

    Annual Schedule of Charges
  • Contributions

    The term "contribution" refers to a voluntary sum of money requested from parents to help meet the costs of materials, services and facilities provided in the delivery of the school's educational program. The Wanneroo Primary School Board has approved a contibution of $60 per child for Kindergarten to Year 6

    Money collected will be used to supplement school expenditure in the areas listed. Whilst the contribution is voluntary, where families can afford to meet the cost, it is anticipated that they will do so. The contribution may be made payable as an inclusion on the personal items list or paid at the school office before the end of term 1. If not paid on the personal items list this amount will be included on the term 1 invoice.


    The term "charges" refers to costs that may be incurred in the extension of the school’s educational program.

    It is expected that all students will attend all incursions and excursions which relate directly to their academic, social and emotional development.

    Personal Items

    Although school funds (School Grant and parent voluntary contributions) will provide some text material, stationery and mathematics equipment, students should still provide items for their own personal use. Please check regularly to ensure that children have not used these up.

    These items can be purchased from the approved supplier endorsed by the school board (Ziggies) or from any other supplier.

    Kindy Book Lists Pre Primary Book Lists Year 1 Book Lists Year 2 Book Lists Year 3 Book Lists Year 4 Book Lists Year 5 Book Lists Year 6 Book Lists

    Please take note of the "Parents to Supply" section that is not included in the Ziggies order.

    The voluntary contribution for equipment and materials can be paid by cash, cheque, internet banking or by EFTPOS through the school office. Receipts will be provided.