• Mathletics

    Students from Pre-primary to Year 6 have access to the online Mathletics program, both at home and at school, through either an iPad or computer.

    Mathletics is a live interactive maths practice system based on the Australian Curriculum, where students practice a variety of mathematical topics, as well as play games against students around the world.

    The benefits of Mathletics are that:

    • Students are engaged and motivated to learn.
    • Students instantly know if they are on the right track and can work through the curriculum at their own pace.
    • Animated support guides students through concepts. It is like having a maths tutor 24 hours a day.
    • Live Mathletics fosters a stimulating and exciting on-line learning community.
    Take a look around Mathletics
  • Classroom teachers use Mathletics to set homework tasks related to the learning program at school and students can further improve their Maths by using the ‘Mathletics Live’ option, competing with many students around the world.

    Students are acknowledged at the fortnightly assemblies when they achieve certain milestones, both individually and as a class.

    The cost of the Mathletics program is a special discounted $14.00 for students at Wanneroo PS. Together the P&C and the school subsidise this cost, leaving an annual fee of $7.00 per child as the parent contribution price. (NB: To buy Mathletics at home it would be $99.)