• Business Plan

    Wanneroo Primary has welcomed the opportunity to become an Independent Public School (IPS) with the scope for greater autonomy, self regulation, the ability to select staff and a responsibility to prepare its students for the 21st century. As an IPS, the Business Plan is a key component of the Delivery and Performance Agreement and will set the framework for the external review of the school.

  • With its motto of Growing Together, Wanneroo Primary is highly regarded for its strong partnerships in which students are nurtured and supported to achieve and successes are celebrated. The core to the learning philosophy at Wanneroo Primary is the education of the whole child with a strong focus on promoting the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development and well being of its students. Each student is provided with an opportunity to develop fully as an individual and to value the importance of learning. The learning environment is enhanced with opportunities to engage in a range of innovative programs from the challenging Mindstorms robotics program to being immersed in Italian through The Arts including media, visual arts, dance and drama. The agreed values of respect, tolerance, self discipline, cooperation, courtesy and confidence are embedded across the school community. A strength of the school is its experienced and professional staff whose collaborative teaching approach is recognised and valued by the community.

    The School Board, in conjunction with the staff, has undertaken an analysis of academic and non-academic data to set the strategic direction of the school for the next three years as outlined in the Business Plan. Performance improvement targets have been set to maximise student achievement with milestones for teaching, the learning environment, relationships, leadership and resources. To implement the targets and milestones, the staff will engage in an ongoing cycle of assessment, planning and review at a school, phase, class and individual student level. Each year, through the school’s self assessment process, there will be an analysis of system and school based data to inform changes required for operational planning. There will be a focus on the implementation of whole school initiatives for improvement based on research of contemporary teaching, learning and assessment strategies that are relevant for the context of Wanneroo Primary and linked to the initiatives of ACARA including the National Curriculum. Staff will be accountable for improved student achievement through the performance management process.

    Business Plan 2017 - 2019
  • School Review

    All Western Australian public schools are reviewed every three years by the Department of Education's Public School Accountability Directorate.

    A review gives assurance to the local community, the Minister of Education and Training and the Director General that a school is operating effectively and delivering high quality education to its students.

    The Principal provides the review team with a self assessment of the school's performance based on evidence gathered by the Principal and Staff. Information is then validated by a review team before and during the school visit. This forms the basis for the school review report.

    The report is provided to the Principal, the Chair of the School Board and the Regional executive Director, and it is provided below for your information.

    WPS Public School Review Report
  • Annual reports

    Please find the Wanneroo Primary School Annual Reports below: