• Out Of School Hours Activities For Students ‘GROWING TOGETHER’

  • Here at Wanneroo Primary School we offer something a little different to many other schools, and that is student participation in out of school hours Growth Groups. Growth Groups are extra-curricular activities provided for students to extend their opportunities to engage positively with other students, and the school, in a relaxed setting. There has been a tremendous response every year to the Growth Groups offered to students.

    Growth Groups are offered every term and students are encouraged to take responsibility for auditioning/registering for a Growth Group by picking up a nomination form from the office when they are announced. Nomination forms can be collected and dropped off at the office.

  • It is important to note though that Growth Groups are a privilege. Consequently, there are some guidelines::

    • Students must be punctual.
    • Students must attend regularly. (Repeated absentees will lose their spot to a person on the wait list.)
    • Students must demonstrate good behaviour each day throughout the school to be accepted into a program and to maintain registration.

    Growth Groups are only possible due to the goodwill of staff. Those teachers running a Growth Group do so in their early morning or after school planning time. Consequently, the work they would normally do at the start/end of each day actually ends up getting done in their personal family time at home. Click below for details on the Growth Groups on offer throughout the year.

    Growth Group Schedule
  • I applaud these teachers and thank them for their dedication to your children.
    Terri Reid
    Wanneroo Primary School Principal