Specialist Learning Areas

  • Science

    Science has been taught as a specialist subject at Wanneroo Primary School since 2014. The teaching of Science provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of (a) important science concepts and processes, (b) the practices used to develop scientific knowledge, (c) science's contribution to our culture and society, and (d) its applications in our lives.

    The Science content includes the three strands of:

    1. Science understanding;
    2. Science inquiry skills; and
    3. Science as a human endeavour
  • The three strands of the curriculum are interrelated and their content is taught in an integrated way.

    The Science Understanding strand comprises four sub-strands. These include (i) biological, (ii) chemical, (iii) physical, and (iv) earth and space sciences.

    Science inquiry skills involves questioning, predicting, planning, conducting, processing, analysing and interpreting evidence, as well as reflecting on investigations and communicating findings.

    The curriculum supports students to develop the scientific knowledge, understandings and skills to make informed decisions about local, national and global issues and to participate, if they so wish, in science-related careers.

  • Language - Asian & Indonesian Studies (AIS)

    Students from Kindy to Year 6 receive weekly instruction in Bahasa Indonesia. The AIS program introduces the students to the basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in the Indonesian language. The program also gives students an opportunity to develop an appreciation, awareness and understanding of the diverse cultures of Indonesia.

    Why learn Indonesian?
    • South-east Asia has undergone enormous change over the past thirty years and as Australia’s nearest Asian neighbour, Indonesia is a fascinating and affordable country in which to travel, study or work.
    • Indonesian language skills can open doors to a wide range of employment opportunities in areas of government, education, business, tourism, travel, translating and interpreting, the military, medicine, law, engineering and journalism.
    • It is interesting to know that learning Indonesian is a little easier for English speakers than some other Asian languages. Indonesian uses the Latin script and is a non-tonal language, so English speakers can pick it up quickly.
    • Our AIS program not only supports the learning of the Indonesian language and culture, but it also teaches students how to learn a language as a steppingstone for other language studies in the future.
    • Learning a different language operates from the fundamental principle that for all students, learning to communicate in two or more languages is a rich, challenging experience of engaging with and participating in the linguistic and cultural diversity of our interconnected world.
  • Physical Education

    All students participate in regular Physical Education sessions planned and delivered by a specialist Physical Education teacher.

    Our Physical Education program aims to expose students to a wide variety of skills and sporting codes. Its’ emphasis is on full student participation and equipping students to make healthy decisions in life.

    Physical Education is the acquisition of movement skills, concepts and strategies to enable students to confidently, competently and creatively participate in a range of physical activities in various contexts and settings.

    Students learn about how the body moves; how to approach and resolve challenges; how to optimise movement performance; and the benefits of physical activity to themselves, others and communities. Through movement in a variety of contexts and settings, students acquire, practise, manage and refine personal, interpersonal, social and cognitive skills.

  • Daily Fitness

    Children participate in a whole school fitness program five days a week. This program is designed to challenge fundamental movement skills, increase fitness, develop student leadership and encourage exercise. Incorporated within whole school fitness is a Kids aerobics program called Jump Jam.

    Extra-Curricular Sporting Opportunities

    During the school year students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities such as:

    • Sporting Schools
    • Jump Rope for Heart Skipping Team
    • Growth groups (Running Club and Jump Jam Club)
    • Lunch time competitions
  • Major Sporting Events In The Year
    • School Faction Carnival
    • Interschool Athletics Carnival
    • Interschool Lightning Carnival
    • School Cross Country
    • Interschool Cross Country
    • PP-6 Swimming Lessons

    Sporting Schools

    The Australian Government funds some After School Sports through its Sporting Schools Program. Activities offered at our school vary from term to term.

    In-Term Swimming Lessons

    Swimming lessons are arranged for all students and are conducted by fully qualified swimming instructors. Lessons for PP - Year 4 are held at Wanneroo Aquamotion. Years 5 & 6 participate in beach swimming.

The Arts - Music

Music has the capacity to engage, entertain, challenge, inspire and empower students. Studying music stimulates imaginative and innovative responses, critical thinking and aesthetic understanding, and encourages students to reach their creative and expressive potential.

The specialist Music program at Wanneroo PS is for students from Year 1 to Year 6. Classes are a mixture of movement-based activities, reading/writing music, performing and listening. Through these activities, we work towards building an appreciation and understanding of Music, as well as a sense of community and teamwork.

A focus is placed on vocal training with each class learning songs from various cultures, ranging from traditional to modern. Students also learn how to play a variety of instruments including recorder and tuned and un-tuned percussion.


Choir is an auditioned group for interested students in Years 3 to 6. Rehearsals are usually once a week and take place before school. Membership through to the end of the year is expected as we perform in events right throughout the school year. The Choir performs at school assemblies, special functions and outside music festivals.

School of Instrumental Music (SIM) - Years 5 - 6

The SIM program provides an opportunity for selected students to participate in a specialist instrumental program. These lessons occur weekly and are conducted by specialist SIM staff. At Wanneroo Primary we offer the chance to learn clarinet and guitar.