• Important School Information

    For your convenience, we have put together everything that you need to know when you're getting ready for the new school term or year.

  • School Hours

    Time Activity
    8.30am Classroom doors open
    8.45am Siren sounds for start of class
    10.25am-10.45am RECESS - 20 minute snack and supervised free play period
    12.45pm-1.10pm LUNCH - 25 minute supervised free play period
    1.10pm-1.20pm LUNCH - 10 minute period during which students sit under the verandahs to eat before returning to class
    2.50pm Siren sounds for the end of school
  • Getting to School

    8.30am is the recommended arrival time. Students who arrive before the recommended time are required to assemble under the verandah next to the front office to ensure supervision.

    Dropping your kids off


    All Kindergarten and Pre-primary students must be dropped off and collected directly from their classroom by a parent or an authorised adult. Please try and be on time as young children can quickly become anxious if they are left waiting.

  • YEAR 1-6

    Parents are asked to make certain that their children are never left at school unsupervised. Students who arrive earlier than 8.30 are required to wait under the verandah next to the front office - during this time the school rules still apply.

    At 3.00pm, any student not in the direct care of an authorised adult or involved in an extra curricular activity should have departed the school grounds. Remaining students will be relocated to the office until they are collected. Please try to be on time to collect your child. However, if you are running late, please telephone the office on 9306 0500.

  • Term Planner

    A term planner is released for every term with details of all events and important dates at the school. These are published through School Star.

  • Booklists - Personal Items Lists

    The Student Personal Items List covers consumable items for personal use and will vary from student to student. Additional Items may need to be purchased through the year to 'top up' supplies. You are welcome to purchase these items at any retail outlet of your choice but we do offer the convenience of pre-ordering and home delivery or pick-up through our chosen 2019 supplier - Ziggies Educational Supplies.

    To login please use the details below:

    Website: Ziggies Online Order

    School Code: WAND

    School Access Key: ZZY184

  • Where do I purchase the uniform?

    The new uniform will be phased in 2018/2019 and is available direct from the supplier - Uniform Concepts Super Store.

    The Uniform Concepts Joondalup Super Store is open 6 days a week.

    For information such as opening times, contact details and address please visit their website.

    Uniform Concepts

    Uniform Concepts also offers online ordering for customers who are unable to visit the store. The Uniform Concepts Super Stores offer appointments during term 4 (October to November to provide new and existing students with the opportunity to organise their uniform needs in readiness for the new year thus avoiding the last-minute rush and queues of January.

    For more information on the schools dress code policy please please go to our policies and click on "Dress Code / Uniform" on the left.

    School Policies

  • Attendance

    For a refresh on the attendance policy and what to do if your child is sick or absent please go to our policies and click on "Attendance" on the left.

    School Policies
  • Illness

    For a refresh on the illness policy and what to do if your child is sick please go to our policies and click on "Illness and Medical Information" on the left.

    School Policies
  • Questions or Concerns

    If you have any questions or concerns and you would like to contact the school or a teacher, please check our communications policies by going to our policies and clicking on "Communications" on the left.

    School Policies

    You can also gain access to some of our frequently asked questions here:

    Parent FAQs

    Or if you would like to contact the office please give us a call or email us using the details below.